Mind Trench


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Brent Grimes (AKA benT gRim)
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Brent Grimes (AKA benT gRim) This seven inch record has magically abilities. Its awesome intensity not only has the power to shred you a new asshole. It will shred you several!!! Wow this fucker is good! Can not praise it enough... Favorite track: Crimes Against The Soil.
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Out now through Hardcore Victim


released March 1, 2016


all rights reserved



SCAB EATER Melbourne, Australia

Four heads disembodied.

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Track Name: Mind Trench
Drifting swells of excitement
This hollow adventure of life
No destination
Favours and kindness swallowed

I'm tracing the shadows scarred in my mind
These trenches run deep, there is no relief

Transience is failing to lend me purpose
I am consuming hope's carcass
What is it to exist?
Define what is necessary
Track Name: Gutless
Mindless, gutless plastic punx. False intentions
Conviction fallen by the wayside of leather jackets

Three decades of homogeneous black uniforms
And we’re drowning in a sea of mediocrity and crumbling facade

Switched off, the glue that you huff can’t hold you together
And it won’t hold the world as we watch it fall apart
Shapeshifting sycophant
Drink to forget, but there is no pride in being pathetic and useless

Self imposed cycles of nothing accomplished
Protests whispered from the corners of tight lipped hypocrites
Choking on ego, choking on integrity
You toe the line, now hang from it
Track Name: Lines Drawn In Blood
Racially defined, imperially vilified
Lines drawn in blood -- one way border

Unspeakably cruel xenophobic law
Builds intangible walls, unfathomably tall

Names without faces, faces without eyes
This foreign land remains unrealised
A blue flag flies under grey skies, despondency internalised
Waiting in line dispossessed, human worth dictated at birth
It's hopeless, they're voiceless, waiting and drowning
Successive governments talk about the problem of refugee deaths at sea, but do nothing except further pen legislation to punish and cauterise refugees and asylum seekers. Thousands upon thousands are stranded in transit, hoping for the chance to resettle in Australia; granting asylum is talked about endlessly but the infrastructure to assist them is almost entirely non­-existent. This lack of infrastructure institutionalises despair, and the government's deterrence policies mean that the dangerous boat journeys inevitably made out of desperation are all the more dangerous as border patrol prioritises stopping boats over saving lives. Anyone intercepted in transit is condemned to offshore detention. All this despite Australia having signed the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, dictating that any person with a well founded fear of persecution at home has the right to come here as a refugee. Policy makers clear their throat and spit humanitarian rhetoric. They hide their bloodstained hands behind their backs.
Track Name: Blind // Bellicose
Dull minds, sharp words, spitting a tenet of hate
Deaf, dumb, blind, bellicose; Nothing reclaimed

Howls of hatred echo in a cathedral of ignorance
Hardened pillars of fear and jingo intolerance
Viciously spewing indoctrinated insanity
Hollow eyes burning wet flames of inhumanity

Forked tongues tracing callow toothless grins
Witlessly dancing, dancing with derision
A protest against religion or thinly veiled racism?
Free speech for the mindless
Free speech for the misguided scum
Anti­-Muslim sentiment is on the rise across the Western world. Anti­Mosque protests in NYC, Golden Dawn in Greece, the United Patriots Front and Reclaim in Australia. The two latter groups have been organising protests across the country with the aim of publicly voicing opposition to a supposed “Islamification” of Australia. Their rhetoric boils down to nothing but boisterous white supremacy and jingoism. Their intimidating and marginalising behaviour is intrinsically violent and unacceptable, no matter what country or context. In their fight to further paint divisions, many strive to counter with an equally strong voice. Nationalism is an insidious disease.
Track Name: Crimes Against The Soil
Bludgeoned by truncheons enforcing dependancy
Ancestry denied under the weight of heavy machinery
Industrial lacerations scarring soil and humans
Harrowed drills of genocide won't rest for the mining of uranium
The earth bleeds
The machinery screams
The families weep
And death smiles down on us all

Bloodstained inquisition, a culture violently erased
An economy established upon the corpses
Of a legacy dehumanised and displaced

Agonising gears of progress are whipping the chains of the damned
The tormented and forgotten, prisoners of their own land
Crimes against the soil
Crimes against us all
Australia's mining schemes embody the recurring nightmare of colonial genocide. As companies like BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto systematically destroy land, ecosystems and people for short sighted economic prosperity, Aboriginal communities are displaced and quietly suffer the devastating environmental and health effects of the mining. Out of sight, out of mind, most people in Australia will never have to face the immediate repercussions or realise the long term damage caused by these destructive practices. And the poison spreads across borders and oceans. Australian uranium was in each of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi; it has contaminated the water, land, and all life in the region. Unflinching in it's inhumanity, unable to learn from tragedy, uranium continues to be mined and exported overseas.
Track Name: Savage Pigs
Stacked and cuffed, bloody mess
Savage pigs, ruthless
Violent acts sanctioned by the state
Savage pigs, full of hate
No escape

Forever licking the boots of unchecked power
Savage pigs badge of shame
Forever fanning the flames of race and class war
Savage pigs deny the blame

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