Blind // Bellicose

from by SCAB EATER



Dull minds, sharp words, spitting a tenet of hate
Deaf, dumb, blind, bellicose; Nothing reclaimed

Howls of hatred echo in a cathedral of ignorance
Hardened pillars of fear and jingo intolerance
Viciously spewing indoctrinated insanity
Hollow eyes burning wet flames of inhumanity

Forked tongues tracing callow toothless grins
Witlessly dancing, dancing with derision
A protest against religion or thinly veiled racism?
Free speech for the mindless
Free speech for the misguided scum
Anti­-Muslim sentiment is on the rise across the Western world. Anti­Mosque protests in NYC, Golden Dawn in Greece, the United Patriots Front and Reclaim in Australia. The two latter groups have been organising protests across the country with the aim of publicly voicing opposition to a supposed “Islamification” of Australia. Their rhetoric boils down to nothing but boisterous white supremacy and jingoism. Their intimidating and marginalising behaviour is intrinsically violent and unacceptable, no matter what country or context. In their fight to further paint divisions, many strive to counter with an equally strong voice. Nationalism is an insidious disease.


from Mind Trench, released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


SCAB EATER Melbourne, Australia

Four heads disembodied.

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